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Many appliances are available for purchase in Restuarant Story. Each type creates different recipes and many are available at different levels. Some require building while others are available only for premium currency. (see Easy Appliances, Sonic Appliances, or Forever Appliances for more info)



Ovens are a basic cooking Appliance in Restaurant Story and are available at an early stage. Many different Recipes are available as well as various colors.

Basic Oven (2,500 coins)

Green Oven (5,000 coins)

Easy Oven (10,000 coins) (Assembly Required) (Food cooked with Easy appliances requires no preparation.)

Charcoal Oven (10 gems)

Orange Oven (10 gems)

Blue Oven (20,000 coins)

Forever Oven (42 gems) (Food cooked with Forever appliances will never spoil.)

Sonic Oven (42 gems)
(Sonic appliances cut down cooking time by 20%.)


Basic Grill (2,500 coins)

Green Grill (2,500 coins)

Easy Grill (10,000 coins) (assembly required) (Food cooked with Easy appliances requires no preparation.)

Blue Grill (20,000 coins)

Charcoal Grill (10 gems)

Orange Grill (10 gems)

Forever Grill (42 gems) (Food cooked with Forever appliances will never spoil.)

Sonic Grill (42 gems) (Sonic appliances cut down cooking time by 20%.)

Some Assembly RequiredEdit

These appliances need to be built with parts from neighbors.

Name Cost Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Fondue for Two 10,000

Fondue Fork


Romance Ribbon


x x
Chocolate Maker 10,000









Candy Heart Stove 10,000





Screw (10) Nozzle (5)
Drink Machine 10,000 Metal Sheets (10) Screws (10) Gears (10) Nozzles (10)
Sushi Counter 10,000 Metal Sheet (5) Paint (10) Screw (10) Fuses (10)
Outdoor Grill 10,000 Motors (5) Paint (10) Screw (10) Nozzles (5)
Nacho Machine 10,000 x
Steampunk Oven 15,000 Gold Spring (4) Motor (4) Gear (4)
Smoker Pit 30,000 Motors (5) Paint (10) Screws (10) Nozzles (5)
Ice Cream Machine Springs (10) Coloured Plastic (10) x x

Fusion Sashimi Block

20,000 Screws (6) Knobs (8) x x
Asian Fusion Cart 18,000
Tiki Oven 60,000

Purple Knob


x x
Juice Machine 30,000 x x
Drum Set Oven 10,000 Drum (10) Knob (10) x x
Burger Grill 55,000 x x
Malted Shake Maker 20,000

White Spring


Blue Nozzle (10) x x
Yellow Coffee Maker 40,000 Yellow Steel x x
Swedish Stove 15,000 Swedish Flag
Orange Deep Fryer 40,000 Orange Steel x x
Folk Oven 10,000

G Clef


x x
Food Replicator 15,000 Screws (10)
Vegan Stove 60,000



Green Nozzle


x x
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Special AppliancesEdit

Special appliances are unlocked with Monthly Goals. Most need to be built with parts sent by your neighbors.

Appliance Part 1 Part 2 Dishes Time of Release
Action Ice Cream Maker Jade Zen Rake Sesame Ice Cream, Green Tea sundae, Mochi Ice Cream March 2013
Action Chef Stove Chef Hat Yeung Chow Noodles, Egg Drop Soup, Steamed Pork Bao March 2013
Spring Stove Picnic Basket Spring Leaf Zucchini Soup, Snow Pea Risotto, Braised Lamb April 2013
Birthday Party Oven x x Pretzel Dog, Fun Fruit Pop, Birthday Cake May 2013
Cruise Ship Stove

Metal Sheet




Tropical Kabob, Surf & Turf, Coconut Cake June 2013
Popcorn Maker

Red Gear




Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn, Hot'n'Spicy corn July 2013
Carnival Stove Garlic Fries, Turkey Leg, Funnel Cake July 2013
Sunken Stove

Seaweed Salad, Steamed Mussles, Grilled Mahi-Mahi

August 2013
Old West Oven Thick Cut Bacon, Sourdough Biscuits, Fried Chicken Sept. 2013
Saloon Stove

Screw (5)



Cowboy Beans, Rascal Stew, Molasses Pudding Sept. 2013
Decadent Oven Rose




Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Strawberries, Chocolate Lava Cake February 2014

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